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Рейтинг статей журнала

АвторНазвание статьиГод, номерКоличество скачиваний
1Dana Petranova[Slovakia], Norbert Vrabec[Slovakia]Age as a Factor in Evaluation of Media Literacy Levels in Slovakia2016, June783
2Warat Karuchit[Thailand]Negative Effects of Digital Media on Thai Youngsters: Case Studies from Thailand and Abroad2016, December688
3Emma Camarero[Spain], David Varona[Spain]Life Story as a Research Technique for Evaluating Formation Processes in Media Literacy for Social Change. Approaching a Case of Success of the Educational Project "Training, Education and Innovation in Audiovisual Media to Raise Awareness of Hunger in Ni2016, June580
4Milena I. Tsvetkova[Bulgaria]Conflicts with the Reading and their Decisions through the Bibliopsychology2016, December565
5Alexander Fedorov[Russia]Western Cinema in the Mirror of the Soviet Film Criticism2016, December545
6W. James Potter[USA], Chan Thai[USA]Conceptual Challenges in Designing Measures for Media Literacy Studies2016, June540
7Alexander Fedorov[Russia]The Image of the White Movement in the Western Feature Cinema (1931–2016)2016, June538
8Irving Lee Rother[Canada]The Impact of Media Literacy Curriculum on the Literate Behavior of At-risk Adolescents2016, June513
9Art Silverblatt[USA]Reflections on Information Literacy2016, June506
10Irina V. Chelysheva[Russia], Galina V. Mikhaleva[Russia]Basic Approaches to Media Education in Russia: Sociocultural and Methodological Aspects2017, June457

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